Friday, February 24, 2017

Logo Design Job: Logo and Website

Logo Design Lead For Logo and Website
Posted: 02/24/2017

Logo Design Project Description: My company is called ******* ****** I`m looking to get a logo and a website completed. The vision for my company is bring Jamaica home to many Island people, Jamaicans who aren`t able to get certain products here in the U.S. I`m currently looking to work with someone who can bring ** **** *** to life trendy eye catching and can create a huge Buzz via social media, I would like to give consumers the option to purchase products on the site and have it shipped to them on a monthly subscription bases as well as the option to do buy and have it shipped regular. I would the site to give consumer the option to build their own box by choosing what they want and have it shipped to them automatically on monthly basis and the option to change up their monthly subscription products. I`m also looking to put up descriptions of products in a specific order such as name like Spices and Sauces, Snacks and sweets, beverages and tea, ** ****** *** Favorites

Logo Design Details: I need a brand new website I can edit myself. 15 Hours I will supply web-ready images. 2 Hours I w...

Contract Pays: $1000 - $2499 USD
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Project Starts: 2017-03-10
Project Deadline: 07-31-2017

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