Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Logo Design Job: Elite Chiropractic office needs logo updated

Logo Design Lead For Elite Chiropractic office needs logo updated
Posted: 04/04/2017

Logo Design Project Description: We have a logo, we needed it spruced up and we need a vectored copy and we need a black and white copy and a colored copy. Updated email from client: We basically have our logo already, we just need it to be done in a vectored format with a professional touch. Your company didn't have an option for me to upload photos/images, so I was hoping to figure out how to do that.

Logo Design Details: I have an existing company name. 0 Hours I need my current logo updated. 4 Hours I want multipl...

Contract Pays: $100 - $249 USD
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Project Starts: 2017-04-18
Project Deadline: 05-15-2017

Lead Source: howmuchdoesalogocost.com