Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Logo Design Job: Financial Services Company Logo

Logo Design Lead For Financial Services Company Logo
Posted: 08/21/2018

Logo Design Project Description: This is a company that will borrow money to a Middle Market companies that have limited access to banks and financial markets. The clients have total year revenues from US$10 Million to US$ 50 Million. The company is in Brazil. Is a new company with very experienced people, but we are looking for a light, clean and modern visual impact. Simple and straight. DQ Admin Note: This is a RFP for Logo Design not Website Design.

Logo Design Details: I have an existing company name. 0 Hours I have a sketch of what I want. 5 Hours I want the des...

Contract Pays: $500 - $999 USD
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Project Starts: 2018-08-30
Project Deadline: 09-26-2018

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